Monday, March 24, 2008

New farm-to-table restaurant coming to North Park in May!

I've been thinking myself a pretty lucky girl as of late, what with the Linkery and Ritual Tavern just down the street in North Park serving up all I could dare to desire in farm-to-table, sustainable, guilt-free, and FABULOUS tasting food. Unbelievably, it just got better.

I recently learned that Sea Rocket Bistro is scheduled to open in North Park's Restaurant Row (30th Street) this May! Listen to what we have to look forward to:

"We are a farm-to-table restaurant that focuses on local foods in order to provide a more physical connection between our guests and the food they eat. Because much of the food available to us in San Diego is from the ocean, we focus on seafood. I heard one local fisherman call this "from boat to throat". Whatever you call it, we look for the highest quality and freshest ingredients that are available to us within a days drive of here in keeping with our goal of being able to connect with where our food comes from."

This new venture is the work of Dennis Stein, retailer by trade, and Elena Rivellino, an interior designer. I discovered Dennis' blog some time ago, and read it with fervor as he posted about his adventures meeting local growers and producers and his plans to open a farm-to-table restaurant in San Diego. But when his blog became very quiet several months ago, and then disappeared entirely, I worried that his plans had not come to fruition after all. Not so! He and Elena have created a new site, completely devoted to the anticipated restaurant.

I have a feeling I'll be one of the first through their doors! Good luck, Sea Rocket Bistro!


Dennis Stein said...


I'll be posting all sorts of new things on the blog soon. Looking forward to meeting you!


Melanie Lytle said...

Thanks, Dennis! I'll be checking in regularly!

ali said...

Sounds awesome...very jealous of your nearby restaurant options!

Did you make it to the La Milpa potluck? I so badly wanted to go, but couldn't figure it in.

i hope all is well!