Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Local, pastured lamb at the Linkery

It's limited, so first-come, first-serve. Sadly, proprietor Jay tells us that this lamb will be the last of the local, pastured meat for a while because the only local processing plant for independent meat has closed. This is truly disappointing news. I had been hoping that the Linkery's demand for local, pastured meat would eventually lead to the establishment of suppliers and distributors from which individual San Diegans could buy. Appears that it may be further off that I had anticipated.


Anonymous said...

Hey Melanie,

Thanks for spreading the word about the lamb. Just so you know, we did buy some extra animals (lamb and goat) and froze them, so we hope to keep serving this local pastured meat for 2-4 weeks yet.

There is a person who intends to open a USDA processing plant in the Inland Empire in the next month or two, which means it's possible that this lack of a local processor will be a hiccup and not a permanent thing.


Alexandra Stafford said...


Thank you for all of your comprehensive work. I just moved to San Clemente from Philadelphia (my husband is a Marine) and have been on a quest to find sources for locally grown food. I think I've been visiting your site for two hours now, taking notes and trying to take it all in. I was a member of a CSA in Philadelphia and I think I might join Be Wise or JR Organics thanks to your guidance.

My husband and I went to Henry's yesterday in search of grass-fed beef, which they advertise on their Web site. We found none. So, I've found most of my sources for produce, but not for local meat and dairy products.

Anyway, thank you again for all your work — I've added your blog to my blog — and I'm looking forward to reading more about your attempts to eat locally!


Melanie Lytle said...

Thank you, Ali, for the wonderful feedback! I hope you'll check back often and let me know if you find anything I've missed in North County. Living near downtown has really limited my exposure to the northern farmers markets and such.