Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Local Food: Basiltops

So I finally made the leap and purchased some of the artisan pestos from Basiltops. Cynthia Bronte (what a name!), founder of Basiltops, grows all of her own basil in her greenhouse in Cardiff, and sells at North County farmers' markets (and online, which is how I bought mine.) Besides the fact that this pesto is local, it's also grown hydroponically (in water, not soil) and without pesticides. Worried about dairy? No problem, Basiltops has dairy-free pestos. Not so keen on oil? Order their pesto made with juice. Like it a little spicy? Check out the list for the chili symbol next to the sauce names and you won't be disappointed.

At $9.00 per 8 oz., this is definitely a treat. I plan on keeping some around to liven up all that fish we eat!

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