Sunday, October 28, 2007

Catching up after the fires

I'm back after a long week of being house-bound with respiratory issues. I'm incredibly pleased that the air is beginning to clear up and that Caron at San Diego Foodstuffs and Alice at Alice Q. Foodie have reported on the status of our local producers and farmers' markets this week. I have emails and calls into many of our local growers, but in the meantime here are some updates courtesy of Alice.

These folks are fine:

J.R. Organics
La Milpa Organica (Harvest Festival is still on this Saturday!)

These farms suffered some damage:

Be Wise Ranch: the farm sustained some major damage due to the Witch Creek fire. The farmer Bill Brammer & his wife Marsanne lost their home which was burned to the ground. They also lost their green house and their office at the home ranch. There was a substanitial amount of damage to the ranch and they are still assessing the water system and crops. They plan on delivering produce starting again this week.
Sage Mountain Farms: damage from the winds. Some seedlings ripped out, one structure knocked down, and some wind-damaged produce.
Budwood Farms: lost their house, greenhouses and an avocado grove

I'll post when I learn more!


Jamie Thornton said...

Good to hear you're ok :)

Anonymous said...

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