Friday, September 21, 2007

Ready, set, CAN!

My kitchenaid strainer and grinder attachment has finally arrived, so I went to pick it up this morning from Lowe's, made a quick stop at Walmart for pint-size jars, and then took the long drive up to Hawthorne Country Store in Escondido for the canner, other tools, and quart-size jars. That was plenty of activity for one Friday morning, not made any easier by being about $180 poorer by the end of it! Ouch.

My canning class this weekend has been cancelled unfortunately (news that I accepted with no small amount of despair), but my wonderful mother has promised to offer her by-phone advice tomorrow as I attempt to transform 80 pounds of apples (picked last weekend in Julian) into many quarts of applesauce and and lots of pints of apple butter. Stand by. I certainly will be recording this for posterity.


Anonymous said...

80 pounds of apples! What does that mean in bushel terms? It sounds like an outrageous amount to me! Good luck to you and your kitchen in this endeavor. Look forward to hearing about it!


Melanie Lytle said...

I think its a bit less than two bushels.