Monday, September 24, 2007

In the News: Coastal fishing ban and Looming water shortages

Coastal fishing banned, restricted as part of plan to save marine life: "California will ban or severely restrict fishing in more than 200 square miles of ocean waters off the Central Coast beginning today as part of a landmark plan to protect marine life...Fish and Game commissioners held a public hearing in San Diego last October to consider whether Southern California's coastal reserves should be the second group to undergo a revamp. But they decided to focus on Northern California first because of considerable opposition to their plans in San Diego and nearby coastal counties, where fishing groups have tremendous political clout. Scientists say California's marine protected areas represent a new approach to saving the world's oceans from overfishing and hope other states and countries follow suit." I wonder what this could mean for our local fisheries?

Mayor, City Attorney Spar Over Enforcement: According to a KPBS report over the weekend, 90% of San Diego's water is imported (wow!). Starting later this year when the court order to protect the smelt (a little endangered fish up north) goes into effect, San Diego is going to have considerably less water to import, and that certainly will mean some big changes for area farmers. City officials are still debating mandatory vs. voluntary water conservation.

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