Tuesday, August 21, 2007

In the news: San Diego Farmer’s Markets highlighted on local NPR station this morning

Our local NPR station, KPBS, had high praise for San Diego’s farmer’s markets in a story this morning. The reporter compared grocery store produce managers who usually can’t tell you where the food comes (been there!) to the farmers at the market that can tell you exactly how the food was grown and even educate you on how to choose produce at the perfect ripeness. One farmer who was interviewed mentioned a shift in consumer desires. Whereas a decade ago consumers were demanding blemish-free, perfect produce, the opposite is now true, as an imperfect item often indicates it was grown naturally and without pesticides. Shoppers who were asked why they attend farmer's markets mentioned the direct communication with the farmer. A couple others said that they like to know where their food comes from and be able to determine if it is local. Good work, KPBS!

[Update: Had suspected but now know for certain that one of those interviewed for the story is fellow San Diego blogger and local eater Lauren at Shooting Stars of Thought.]

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