Monday, August 27, 2007

Burger Lounge coming to Kensington!

I was thrilled to discover yesterday that the new burger joint that’s coming into my Kensington neighborhood – Burger Lounge – will be using only pasture-finished beef from Tallgrass Beef in their hamburgers. What a fabulous surprise! Now, the beef isn’t local (it comes all the way from Kansas) but I am still very excited that a business promoting meat from healthy cows will be only two blocks away! It is certainly a sign of changing times, and I plan on supporting them enthusiastically from day one (which, according to the website, will be sometime in September). I will definitely post our first eating experience there when they open their doors!

For those of you in the La Jolla area, a Burger Lounge has already opened up in your neighborhood. Has anyone been there yet who can share their experience?

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