Thursday, July 26, 2007

Local Food: Possible 4-H project

I recently heard that some of the animals raised through the San Diego 4-H program are processed for food and then available for purchase following the County Fair in June each year. I emailed one of the advisors for the county program to find out if any of the 4-H groups had any interest in raising meat following organic guidelines.

This was the response:

Melanie, You propose a very interesting idea. While monitoring the use of antibiotics is not a very difficult process for 4H projects; being able to secure organically grown feed for the animals might be. Most of the animals consumed for food in Southern California are fed in places where large areas of pasture are not available. Also, for many of the 4H members they are not able to buy their feed in bulk so we would need to find an organically certified feed dealer. I am sure that can be done it just may take some time to do it. But I really like your idea. I will propose it to some of our key volunteers and see if we can begin to develop such a project. I will probably get back in touch with you later this fall.

My fingers are crossed that something will come out of this. Hopefully, I can follow the process. I’ll give you an update when I hear this fall!


Diane said...

Great idea! I hope someone will take on the challenge.

Mom said...

I picked $17 worth of blueberries and raspberries for freezing this morning, then went out to another farm to pick up some fresh sweet corn. It's the same place we bought our apples to make applesauce when you were little. It's been fun re-discovering these places after 14 years away. Unfortunatley, they're not organic, but at least they're local!