Thursday, July 12, 2007

Ricky Martin & other insane ideas

If, like me, you start humming that obnoxious Ricky Martin tune “Livin’ la Vida Loca” when you see the title of this blog, I offer my sincerest apologies. I was never a big fan, and now after two weeks of it running through my mind, I have begun to truly detest it. I stand by my choice though, regardless of the annoyance, not only because I think it wonderfully catchy (ha!), but because replacing the word “loca” (which means “crazy” in Spanish) with the word “local” is a witty little word play for this whole experience that has been—for lack of a better explanation—completely nuts. I am in a constant state of panic as to where our next meal will come from. To ease some of the pressure of finding all my local sources at once (and make sure we don’t eat out three meals a day!), I have allowed myself to buy non-local – yet organic and natural – foods for the things I have not yet found a supplier. In the meantime, I’m frantically making phone calls, sending emails, and searching the internet with the goal of being fairly well provided for by October 1st (three months from the start date of it all).

So far, I have secured regular produce delivery (Be Wise Ranch), found a back-up produce supplier (O.B. People’s Organic Food Market), and located local seafood (Catalina Offshore Products). So, uh, that just leaves me with everything else. Daunting, yes, but not yet worthy of despair. I am pursuing many different leads for dairy products, eggs, and meat and will post as I learn more.


Mom said...

I've had a successful day:

After doing all my internet research for CSA's in our area last night, I finally got around to reading yesterday's paper and found a full page and a half article about our local CSA's. Two out of the three were ones I had contacted the night before via email.

From that article I discovered that one of them not only delivers their shares at the park fifteen minutes from here but that they also sell surplus to the public - and today was the day! So, I made a quick trip down there to see what I could see, see, see. (Does that bring a new song to mind, Melanie?)

The young man explained to me that they are not certified, but they do use organic methods. He didn't have much to offer this week, but I did purchase some romaine lettuce, snow peas, and an onion.

He also told me that they have pasture-fed chicken and pork, and if I remember correctly, even some beef. I didn't need any meat this time, but he does bring some in coolers every week. Alternatively, I could call ahead. So, Melanie, want me to get you some? :-)

Another grower had a stand there with plums and cherries - both of which I bought. He explained that the local plum crop is not plentiful this year because of the thaw that caused some blossoming in January. He was proud to tell me about the several varieties of plums and other fruits he grows in his orchard.

I imagine I'll go back to both of those stands.

Since I didn't have much luck finding a week's worth of produce, though, I went back to the other farm stand that carries fresh stuff, although not all local and "who knows if" organic.

Then tonight I received a response from one of the CSA farmers I had emailed last night. Their shares are full for this year, but they can send me an email on Sundays with a list of available items. I can order from their surplus with no obligation. This is the one that has a pick-up point only a mile away. Yeah!

The next, and last, success is that today's paper mentioned a farmer's market that I had not been able to find. It turns out that it will be opening next weekend for the first time this season. No wonder I couldn't find it! So, I have one more place to check out.

Thanks for the inspiration!

Melanie said...

So pleased your finding success! Out here in California it seems like there is an overabundance of local, organic produce to choose from, so I do feel lucky!