Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Absurd Path to Localtarianism

As I embark on my path towards Localtarianism (no, I did not just make that up), I feel it necessary to address the question that is most certainly running through your mind at the moment:

What is the Big Deal?

Well, in short, I find it completely absurd that in order to eat locally and to find food unspoiled by toxins, I have to go considerably out of my way. So far out of my way, in fact, that it is an undertaking worthy of recording. (Something that is undoubtedly laughable to anyone who has been around since before World War II, as they would remember that eating locally was really the only way everyone ate anyway. (more on WWII later))

Since I am of a generation practically nursed on computers, I have chosen to publish my experience in this blog. Check in often, as I will be posting regulary. I hope that you will not only be entertained by my exploits, but that you will find the resources I discover helpful!

My Disclaimer:

I don't boast of being an expert in what I am undertaking. This blog will chronicle what I learn, in hopes that by the end of the year I (and anybody who's listening in) will be more knowledgeable about living like a "localtarian."

This is not a vegetarian or vegan diet. I intend to eat meat, chicken, and seafood in addition to produce (but only if I can find them from local sources).

While I will do my best to purchase as many of our food products from local growers, my grand pact does not include items such as flour, coffee/tea, spices, etc. If I can find them, great. If not, oh well.

I have no intention of denying myself all that this great city has to offer in restaurants during this period. I and my husband will continue to eat out, although I will make a sincere effort to find restaurants that fill their menus with season-appropriate items and support local farmers.

I will not restrict purchases of other sorts of products from outside San Diego area. Making sure my clothes are not sewn by a child in a sweat factory in Malaysia is a project for another day (not to imply in any way that it is not a worthy one).


ChemNerd77 said...

Great job, cousin! We are on the path to greener pastures as well. Please keep us updated!

Jamie Thornton said...

Oooh .... Almost the first comment on your first post.

Sounds like a fun endeavor - I completely agree with you on how absurd it is that trying to eat food grown locally would be so hard to do in the first place!

Happy hunting! Can't wait to see what you find.


M said...
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Brian Gillman said...

This is actually something I believe I will take a great interest and speaks from my heart as well, if not as strongly as I would feel about it. Take a stand and be heard Mel and I will follow you on your exploits!

M said...

The quest begins -- and for all of us health nuts who find ourselves shopping at 3 different stores, running to the farmer's market on the weekends we're off and avoiding Whole Foods Market for the sake of our budgets -- I hope you're successful! Will enjoy following your travels!

Alice Q. said...

I have actually never heard the term "Localtarian" before, though it makes perfect sense. The term I have heard more often is "locavore" - oh well, it works either way. Cheers! I'm looking forward to following along...