Saturday, June 7, 2008

San Diego County Certified Farmers Markets

For the most updated locations, days, and times of the farmers markets listed below, please follow the links.

Borrego Springs


Chula Vista

Chula Vista, Downtown


Del Mar



La Jolla

La Mesa


Little Italy

Normal Heights/Kensington

Ocean Beach


Otay Ranch

Pacific Beach


Rancho Bernardo

San Diego, City Heights

San Diego, Downtown, 225 Broadway and Broadway Circle

San Diego, Downtown, Horton Square

San Diego, Downtown, Third Avenue and J St

San Diego, East Village

San Diego, North Park

Scripps Ranch

Solana Beach



UCSD/La Jolla

UCSD Price Center


Is there a San Diego County Certified Farmers Market missing from the list that you think should be included? Please comment below!


Anonymous said...

sorry for the off-topic comment but, do you have any idea where one can get flour locally? i'm having little to no luck on this it even a possibility?

Melanie Lytle said...

merlotmudpies -

According to the San Diego County 2006 Crop report (the latest available), San Diego County harvested 1800 acres of barley and 395 acres of oat in 2006, but absolutely no wheat or any other type of grain. If you are interested in following up with the barley or oat growers, I have the contact information for those farmers (drop me an email), although the barley and oats are most certainly conventionally grown, not organic.

Imperial County did grow wheat back in 2006, but I do not know if any of it was organic, nor do I have any contact information. You may want to try the Imperial County Agricultural Commissioner.

So, in short, no I don't know anywhere to get flour grown locally, so I would suggest sourcing from northern California. Try where last time I checked, there were a couple different options for grains.

katecontinued said...

It has been awhile since I stopped by, but I'd like to add our Leucadia Farmers Market to your list.