Friday, November 2, 2007

"San Diego Grown 365" trademark

The San Diego Farm Bureau has recently relaunched the "San Diego Grown 365" trademark. I myself have not seen this mark on any local products, so Casey Anderson of the Farm Bureau told me more about it:

"The concept of the mark is simple; we wanted to alert customers that the products carrying the mark have been produced within San Diego County. The mark was developed and launched about three years ago, but fell out of use when the person who was driving the project along moved out of state.

Because of limited resources, the program languished for a time until about two months ago. The trademark certification was renewed and there is a revived interest in picking the program back up to its feet. I have been given responsibility for the project and as soon as I receive confirmation from the trademark offices that the mark has been cleared and re-registered, I hope to sign up many more new users.

When the program was first started, we did have about six local growers sign on to use it. To give it a fast and healthy start, we did not charge Farm Bureau members to use the mark at all. All they needed to do was sign the trademark agreement-which was also a pledge that the products labeled with the mark had been 100% produced in San Diego County-and purchase the labeling materials they wanted to use.

'San Diego Grown 365' carries with it all the meaning of the message we want to get to consumers. The products were produced in San Diego, and the 365 is a reference to the 365 day growing season that San Diego County enjoys."


Diane said...

I'm jealous of your 365-day growing season. Our season here in Pennsylvania is less than six months. Our large Farmers' Market will be open here until Thanksgiving, and then the local fresh food is finished until June/July of next year. When I was there today, several of the stalls were already empty. :-)

Anonymous said...

How exciting to be a part of promoting what you're living! Look forward to hearing how growers respond and how the word is spread about San Diego Grown 365. Congrats!